We welcome submissions, so whether you have a finished manuscript or an idea for a book, please get in touch.

New book proposals are considered during a monthly ‘Submissions meeting’ in which the senior members of our team discuss and assess the standard of the submission. Please allow 6-8 weeks from the date of submission for a response.

Book proposals that are accepted are then either assigned to the editor directly or, in the case of academic books, go on to the next step of peer review.

In the peer review stage, another round of reviews will be conducted by an expert or experts in the field. The author’s anonymity is maintained to ensure academic integrity. The review is then assessed by our senior editor, who works with the individual book author or editors to adapt it and better shape the book project for publication.

Please download and complete the relevant Book Proposal Form below and return to

Non-Fiction Books

We consider both academic and general trade books.

1. Academic or science based book proposal form MS WORD PDF

2. Guidelines for academic or science based books MS WORD PDF

3. General trade (non-academic) book proposal form MS WORD PDF

Fiction Books

We are open to global literature in the English language. New, unpublished authors are welcome to submit proposals.

4. Fiction submission form MS Word PDF

UniVerse Press (Poetry books)

UniVerse Press publishes poetry by contemporary, original voices that speak to all. Please send a selection of at least 10 poems along with the submission form.

5. Poetry book submission form MS Word PDF

Bright Books (Children’s books)

Books for children of primary school age, ranging from picture books for young children to fiction/non-fiction for older, independent readers. We’re particularly interested in books that deal with current issues such as climate change, as well as biography.

6. Bright Books Submission Form MS Word PDF