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Book Launch: Prophetic Grappling

Join us for the launch of Prophetic Grappling – including as-Suyuti’s al-Musārʿah ila al-Muṣārʿah ‘ Swiftly to Wrestling’.

Held at: Royal Holloway University – Windsor Auditorium

Admission is by registration only and tickets are free. Click here to register.
For further information about the book please visit:

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The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon

Author: Shereen Malherbe

The Girl Who Slept Under the Moon follows the story of Noor, who arrives in a new country and feels like she doesn’t belong in her new school.

This is a story of journeys that take you to different places, of discovering where you belong and the importance of sharing stories.

Price: £7.95

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Literally Funny

A priest, an imam and a rabbit entered a clinic in order to donate blood.
The nurse asked the rabbit “what blood type are you?”
“I’m probably a Type O,” said the rabbit.

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