Ramadhan Sale

To celebrate the sacred Islamic month of Ramadhan, Beacon Books is once more slashing prices as part of our Ramadhan Sale event. The perfect opportunity for you to get that book you’ve always wanted to read. Or stock up on the ideal gift before the Eid rush! 

Just use the discount code RAM25 at the checkout for 25% off your total bill! Happy shopping!

New Books!

Dastarkhwan: Food Writing from Muslim South Asia


Servant of the Loving One

The School of Celestial Fire

The Maturidi School

From Abu Hanifa to Al Kawthari

Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love

Practical Tips for a Spiritually Fulfilling Life

The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon

The Girl

Third Wife of the Muslim Shaykh Frithjof Schuon: My Lifelong Search for Truth

By Maude Murray

The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah:

How It Takes More Than Just Love To Nourish Your Marriage

The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah is a manual for women who are seeking to strengthen and nourish their marriages.

The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah

Accidental Rich Boy

Accidental Rich Boy is the first instalment of an exciting new YA series that explores the struggles of growing up in inner-city London, and the importance of faith and hope.

A Very British Muslim Activist:

The life of Ghayasuddin Siddiqui

From the horrors of partition to the migration to Pakistan to a new chapter in Britain, this book is a journey that spans geography, history and politics. How does a young boy from a small village in India become a leader of British Muslims? What does rubbing shoulders with the likes of Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Ayatullah Khomeini and Tony Blair do to you? From establishing early Muslim student politics in the UK, to being in the eye of the storm over the Satanic Verses, to the creation of institutions as diverse as the Muslim Institute, the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, Stop the War Coalition and the Halal Food Authority, this is the inside story of an activist. It is also a story of British Islam itself.

This richly written, frank, part-satirical and highly accessible account of one man’s journey brings to life a moment in time. Each generation faces new challenges, but history turns in cycles. This book is a treasure trove of lessons, losses and small wins. Wisdom in troubled times.

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