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The Height of Prophet Adam: At the Crossroads of Science and Scripture

Author: Mufti Muntasir Zaman

The Height of Prophet Adam: At the Crossroads of Science & Scripture explores scholarly efforts to treat the conflict between hadith regarding Prophet Adam’s height and extant empirical data. What may appear as a straightforward hadith about the father of humankind brings to the fore a web of interconnected disciplines: epistemology, science, archeology, the status of the Ṣaḥīḥayn, the evolution of hadith analysis, and the isrāʾīliyyāt. This case study hopes to contribute to two broader conversations: (1) the conflict between science and hadith, a crisis of faith for many Muslims today, and (2) the notion that the scholars of Islam’s rich intellectual history were oblivious to the issues plaguing the minds of modern Muslims.

Price: £12.95

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The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon

Author: Shereen Malherbe

The Girl Who Slept Under the Moon follows the story of Noor, who arrives in a new country and feels like she doesn’t belong in her new school.

This is a story of journeys that take you to different places, of discovering where you belong and the importance of sharing stories.

Price: £7.95

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The nurse asked the rabbit “what blood type are you?”
“I’m probably a Type O,” said the rabbit.

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