Our story

Founder of Beacon Books, Jamil Chishti, has always had a passion for books. Before earning a Master's degree in Publishing Studies from The University of Central Lancashire and establishing Beacon Books in November 2013, he spent 20 years as a bookseller. His vision, "Read more, be more," reflects the company's commitment to self-development and improvement.

Beacon Books offers a diverse array of titles from renowned authors and academics, aiming to enrich readers' lives, whether through information or entertainment. Its first major success, the Encyclopedia of Hadith Forgeries by Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad, remains a bestseller and set the stage for a broad range of genres, including religious texts, novels, biographies, wellness, history, and culture.

In 2019, Beacon Books expanded with Beacon Academic, its first imprint focusing on specialist books inspired by academic works. This was followed by the launch of Bright Books, which concentrates on children's titles, and UniVerse Press, which specializes in poetry, in 2021. These imprints have allowed Beacon to reach new audiences and further its mission.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported Beacon Books. Your engagement, whether as readers, authors, or team members, has been invaluable. For those new to Beacon, we invite you to explore our offerings. We aim to be a steadfast companion in your journey of education, entertainment, and personal growth.