The Openings Revealed in Makkah Volume 1


The first of thirty-seven books of Ibn al-ʿArabī’smagnum opus al-Futūḥāt al-Makkīyah, translated and conveyed by Shuʿayb Dr Eric Winkel.

In Book 1, we meet the Youth, ‘from whom I took from a segmentation of his configured body (which was cobbled like the paving stones at the bottom and sides of a well) what I was made to write into this book, and the mysteries there were between me and him’. Then in we are shown the letters, which are the guides of the phrases, and the spirits whoare the secret of life.

‘I am the ripened meadow, the universal harvest, so lift my veils and recite what is contained etched in my lines. What you learn from me, put in your book, and speak directly in it to everyone dearest to you.’

Paperback editon. A 10 volume set is also available.


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