The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah: How It Takes More Than Just Love To Nourish Your Marriage


The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah is a manual for women who are seeking to strengthen and nourish their marriages.



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In this book, marriage mentor and coach Sara Malik shares what she has learnt whilst searching for marital solutions for the modern-day woman and shows wives of all ages how they can systematically create better marriages.

Drawing upon Islamic principles, Jungian psychology and ancient wisdom, this book shows women how to reclaim their feminine identity whilst upholding women’s liberation. By manifesting their innate traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice, women can create their own unique marriages, ultimately to emulate the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, who was a perfect embodiment of these four traits.

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  1. Beacon Books

    ‘The content, designed basically for Muslim women, is profound, yet both readable and understandable. The mixture of wisdom and female perception also offers an extra gift for non-Muslim women like me, because Sara has the ability to touch what is essential to the female psyche, and add the beautiful elements of her beliefs in such a way as to make all women, of every or any belief system, find accessible support and practical help to enrich their lives on so many levels.

    I can see this book becoming the start of an ongoing series of books, and even other associated products, that will enlighten, empower, and above all, be enjoyed by women of all denominations and all ages, whether married or single. Sara has put herself, her own life and experiences, into her words, as all the best writers do!’

    Dee Shipman, NLP Master Practitioner

    ‘In order to live a balanced life in a heavily stressed out and challenging environment, Sara outlines the four traits (leadership, love, wisdom and justice) that are required to establish an equilibrium in one’s personal and married life. The author challenges our cultural and social programming and forces the reader to question one’s personal beliefs and subconscious programs that are jeopardising their relationships. The book is decorated with anecdotes, quotes and reflections that intertwine throughout, to offer multiple lessons for the reader to take away what resonates with them.

    In this book, you will find practical solutions and ways in which they can be implemented to create positive, incremental shifts in your life. This book has something for everyone, whatever stage of marriage they are in. Use this as your ‘go-to’ guide for challenges that you face, and I am certain you will find a solution that resonates true for you!’

    Zuhair Girach, Founder of Aafiyah Healing

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