A Spiritual Guide to Fes


From the renowned figures of Leo the African and Ibn Khaldun to Ibn al-Arabi and Maimonides, Fes’s historic streets have felt the presence of some of history’s brightest minds. Known as the City of Saints and a cornerstone of Sufism, Fes has nurtured numerous spiritual guides and is dotted with the graves of countless awliya Allah, the friends of God.

With the number of visitors seeking both the cultural ambiance and the profound spiritual legacy of Fes on the rise, this book is an essential guide for the za’ir, or spiritual traveler. Offering the first practical resource in English, it simplifies the rich religious, intellectual, and cultural mosaic of Fes for those on a quest to experience the city not just as a historical marvel but as a living spiritual journey.

Drawing upon the revered Salwat al-Anfas by Jafa’ar al- Kattani, this work presents a comprehensive compilation of the biographies of the awliya. It not only recounts their life stories but also provides insightful historical contexts, valuable tips for those wishing to visit these sacred sites, and, for the first time, meticulously detailed maps, making this resource indispensable for the academic and the spiritual seeker alike.

Page size; 156mm x 234m, page count; 336, colour images; 31, maps; 4


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