The Collected Ghazals of Hafiz- Volume 1


Hafiz, the present volume is the first of four volumes that (together with the appendix) contain the 573 poems of the entire collection of ghazals presented by Wilberforce-Clarke; of these 486 are in the main body of the four volumes and are accompanied by the original Farsi and a transliteration in ‘roman’ script.
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Hafiz Saheb passed on there was apparently disagreement as to how he should be buried. Many of the orthodox Muslims objected to the content of his poems with their emphasis on love and drinking wine; references to human beauty. To resolve the conflict it was agreed they would use his Divan. The many poems were divided into separate verses and placed in a container. A young child was asked to pull one out at random. The verse that was pulled out is the last verse of ghazal number (W-C 60) in this edition.

O from the shrouded corpse of Hafiz, pray do not walk away,
For all the sin he is wrapped in, yet he goes to paradise this day.

To general agreement he was formally buried in the Islamic way as a Muslim.


About this book    vi

Acknowledgements    ix

Technical Notes    xi

Foreword     xiii

Preface    xv

Introduction     1

Ghazaliyat    11

Glossary 1 Some Symbols     313

Glossary 2    315

Bibliography    327

Some books related to Sufism    331

Appendix     335

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