Beloved Prophet: A Poetic Seerah


Discover the essence of compassion, love, and mercy through the captivating verses of Beloved Prophet. This exquisite collection of poems delves into the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), painting a vivid portrait of Islam’s greatest exemplar. Each poem sheds light on different aspects of the Prophet’s impeccable character, from the mercy he extended to the poor, his dedication to propagating the message of Islam, to his impressive command as a military leader.

By charting the key moments of his life, Beloved Prophet offers an enchanting glimpse into the life of the Final Messenger.

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“Good books that simply and clearly illuminate the key aspects of Prophet Muhammad’s  fascinating life in an accessible, uplifting and meaningful way are sadly rare. Mahboob Azam has written a marvelous book full of truth, wisdom and light. It will enrich, inform and transform you.”
― Professor Joel Hayward, author of The Leadership of Muhammad


Mahboob Azam’s poems are full of admiration and love for the prophet Muhammed’s life and teachings. Humanity, gender rights and kindness are sensitively highlighted in his narrative and carefully crafted poetic account of the times. With an accessible introduction, glossary of terms and engaging rhymes, Azam’s book “Beloved Prophet” will be a helpful guide and informative resource for practitioners and students of Islam.
―Shamshad Khan, Poet, Resilience and Success Coach


Enveloped in the heavenly beauty of poetic language, this book serves as a heartfelt homage to the life and teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (swt). In this beautiful collection of poems, Mahboob weaves a tapestry of admiration, love, and reverence for the noble character of the Prophet.

With each verse, Mahboob skillfully captures the essence of his teachings and the enduring impact of his legacy, creating a literary celebration that is both spiritually enriching and accessible for children. Through the eloquent verses, readers are invited to embark on a journey of reflection, deepening their understanding of the Prophet’s profound influence on humanity, making this book a poignant tribute to the greatest man ever to live on earth.
― Shahida Rahman, Author

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