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Using authentic Islamic texts and teachings from the Quran and Prophet Muhammad, Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi dismantles the dangerous dogma of Daesh.

MANCHESTER, UK, Nov 2016 – Around the globe ISIS has become synonymous with death, destruction and global terrorism, all supposedly in the name of Islam; an assertion that Muslims everywhere decry and refute.

Now, a distinguished Islamic scholar and academic has brought together evidence based on authentic Islamic theology in order to destroy the beliefs and crimes of ISIS, proving that the cult has no basis in and does not represent Islam, it’s caliphate is invalid, and fighting it is an obligation upon Muslims.

In ‘Refuting ISIS’ one of the Muslim world’s most celebrated teachers and thinkers, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, highlights how ISIS manipulates religion to recruit young Muslims with little knowledge of Islamic theology.

In describing the importance of his book, Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi declares; “It is the only book which destroys the foundation of ISIS from a theological ideological and legal point of view presenting a counter-narrative and exposing the fallacies of ISIS’s proofs.”

“Now we have a group of gangsters who claim to be Islamic but truly that are non-Islamic, who claim to even represent a state now, but it’s anarchy. It’s nothing but a group of terrorists trying to take revenge and inflict people with their anger.”

Jamil Chishti is Director of Beacon Books. He says, “As well as publishing great books, we also distribute other publishers’ books where the message and theme fit in with that of Beacon Books. Refuting ISIS is one such book that deserves a wide an audience as possible.”


Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi is a renowned Syrian Islamic scholar and religious leader. Born in Damascus, he comes from a family of Islamic scholars who have taught the Islamic sciences for centuries. Amongst al-Yaqoubi’s predecessors, three have held the post of Maliki Imam at the Grand Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. He is a descendant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, tracing his lineage through Mawlay Idris al-Anwar, (founder of the city of Fès), who was a descendant of Hasan ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad. He is also one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world today.

Al-Yaqoubi’s father took care of his upbringing, and he was both his teacher and spiritual master. His father gave him several ijazahs, or certificates of authority to teach, narrate and issue legal rulings under Islamic law. Al-Yaqoubi also received training from his father in Sufism, until he attained qualification as a murshid and the rank of a spiritual master in the Sufi tradition. Al-Yaqoubi has also received ijazah from prominent scholars of Syria including the Maliki Mufti of Syria, Makki al-Kittani; the Hanafi Mufti of Syria, Muhammad Abul Yusr Abidin; Ali al-Boudaylimi of Tlemcen, Abdul Aziz Uyun al-Sud, Salih al-Khatib, Zayn al-‘Abideen at-Tounisi and Muhammad Wafa al-Qassaaband.

In 1987, al-Yaqoubi completed a degree in Arabic Literature at the University of Damascus within the Faculty of Islamic Law. He then studied philosophy for two years at the Beirut Arab University. In 1991, he joined the PhD program of linguistics in the Oriental Studies Department of the University of Gothenburg. In Sweden, he worked as a researcher and teacher of Arabic literature. In 1999, the Swedish Islamic Society appointed him Mufti of Sweden. In 1992, he moved to England and completed the FCE, CAE, CCS, and CPE Cambridge courses in English within a year, before returning to Sweden where he continued his studies in Swedish. Al-Yaqoubi has studied seven languages.

For interview requests with Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, the author of ‘Refuting ISIS’ (ISBN: 9781908224156) contact Jamil Chishti at Beacon Books on 07939 839 809 or email