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Trainee and Internship Programme

We currently employ one apprentice but also offer internships and trainee opportunities in Social Media marketing as well as editorial and book production. Most of our trainees work for a period of 6 weeks. Even though we are a relatively new and small company we are able to offer a range of experiences of real working life and an opportunity work on live projects that they will be able to have a real impact on.

“During my time at Beacon Books I have learned new skills which includes graphics by creating images and creating videos for social media.

Jamil and Mitul who mentored me during my time there, were both polite and friendly. They helped me with problems that needed solving and with improvements to make on my work. I have enjoyed my time here and would recommend this 6 week placement to others. There are many skills you are able to learn at Beacon Books and after the placement it could help you decide what career you want to go into in the future.” – Callum James Gratty

“Over the past 6 weeks, I have completed a number of tasks with the company. These include promotional videos and behind the scenes photos for the social media sites. The staff at the company were very helpful with advice regarding the content produced. Overall the past 6 weeks has been very productive.” – Tom Storgen


Here are some of the work that they have done:

The video on this page:

Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams: According to Islamic Inner Traditions