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Expanding Islamic Horizons in Biography and Popular Discourse with Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Duke University, USA

This short one day course will explore Professor Bruce Lawrence’s recent work in the field of Islamic Studies:

The Qur’an – A Biography (2006) was his first popular book and was part of a series, Books That Changed the World. It was published by Atlantic Books in London, and has been translated into 19 languages.

Who is Allah? (2015) was part of a series on “Who – What is?” from UNC Press, designed for both popular and academic audiences, under the rubric Islamic Civilizations and Muslim Networks.

The Koran in English – A Biography (2017). Princeton University Press, aimed at multiple audiences, with an academic slant, and the first full bibliography of all 114 full translations of the Holy Qur’an into English.

Book Launch

Sh Nizamudin Awliya on Ramadhan and Fasting – A book launch of Morals for the Heart by Sh. Nizamudin Awliya, a masterpiece in the Malfuzat genre – Fawaid al Fuad. Translated by Professor Bruce Lawrence.

6pm-7pm Sat 12th May