Prof Bruce B. Lawrence
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Born in Newton, NJ in I941.. He earned his A .BB. at Princeton University, his M..DDiv.. from Episcopal Divinity School (Cambridge)), and his Ph..DD.. from Yale University. A specialist on Indo – Muslim culture who has studied both medieval Sufism and modern Islamic movements, he has been on the faculty of Duke University since 1971, becoming a full Professor in I978…

He has received numerous academic awards and research fellowships.. Between 1974 – 76 a Senior Faculty Research Fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies allowed him to reside in Aligarh and study with Professor Nizami… His work on Indo – Persian literature was assisted by a 1980 National Endowment of the Humanities Translation Fund grant… During 1990 he was awarded both a Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship and the American Academy of Religion prize for excellence in religious studies..

Professor Lawrence has published five books and over 120 articles, chapters and essays… Among his books the most relevant to the present work is Notes from a Distant Flute:: The Extant Literature of Pr e – Mug h al Indian Sufism.